What do Andrew Luck and your grandfather have in common? They both own flip phones

BY foxsports • April 16, 2013

Andrew Luck might have a degree in architectural design from Stanford University, but the 2012 No. 1 overall pick needs to get with the times. Luck, who signed a four-year rookie deal worth roughly $22 million and change last offseason, still carries around a flip phone. We’re not kidding. According to Matt Hasselbeck on Twitter, Luck sports a cell phone that even Gazelle.com wouldn’t make an offer on. A Samsung flip phone. Does that thing even text?

One other thing, this may explain why Andrew Luck isn’t on Twitter. We get that he doesn’t care to bask in the spotlight like several other QBs, but Luck would have a solid following. Smart phone or not, Indy's second-year QB is #coltstrong.

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