Watch Army softball player make amazing leap over catcher in single bound

May 14, 2016

Army West Point softball player Kasey McCravey is not going to let an opposing catcher keep her from going home. 

Not when the infielder can hurdle over the catcher like a ninja and put her hand down on the base on the other side. 

Check out the senior from Scottsdale, Arizona, agily leap Lehigh's catcher in a single bound during the Patriot League Tournament on Saturday: 

It's so nice, let's watch it twice: 


Not only is McCravey an innovator, but she is a leader, both on and off the field: 

This isn't the first time the agile Army player used her major hops to make it home. Check out the form on this flying leap:

Army beat Lehigh 3-1 to advance to the Patriot League championship game.