Vince Young reportedly puts on a show at Texas pro day

March 26, 2013

It has been nearly seven years since Vince Young was drafted by the Tennessee Titans. That didn’t matter on Tuesday. Young, who participated in Texas’ pro day, reportedly “put on a show” as he attempts to revive a career in which he found himself spending Sunday's on the couch last season. "I think I did OK," Young told minutes following the workout. "Mostly it was just being here for the guys. That was my mindset and just showing the rest of the scouts that I'm still training and staying in shape." Young plans to graduate from Texas in May as he is taking 15 credits this semester, but he’s also been working on his on-field mechanics. "That's my craft. ... That's all I do in the offseason. Mechanics. When it's time for me to get ready for the season, I'm so focused on the plays, the preparation, you don't want to be thinking about footwork when you get with the team," Young said. Following the workout, Young took to Twitter: