Video shows official preventing boy from hugging his sister after she won a state title

BY Nick Schwartz • March 13, 2017

Appleton North (Wisconsin) won a girls basketball state championship over the weekend, and after the game North's Sydney Levy walked toward the edge of the court to give her little brother, Jaylen, a hug. Instead of celebrating the moment with her family, though, Levy was stopped by a Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association official - who takes the rules very seriously - that the hug on the floor wasn't allowed.

After the video went viral, the WIAA issued a response:

“The [WIAA] acknowledges that the short video clip that was released on social media Sunday may be seen by the casual observer as insensitive.

In the celebratory situations following a State championship, it is not possible for the WIAA to know the individual traditions and rituals of all the schools, teams, families and players involved.

For the safety of all involved, we keep spectators off the playing surface.”