Uga: a damn good dog

BY foxsports • February 5, 2011

Feb. 5, 2011

Journalists don't root. We don't cheer or clap and we aren't supposed to take sides, even when we do. Cynical and surly, most journalists pull for a decent parking spot, free food in the press box and a good story, regardless of the outcome of the game. The only emotion we show is laughter, usually at the misfortune of others, a sorry indictment of a profession I love like one of my children.

But I was pulling for Uga. In the interest of full disclosure, I attended the University of Georgia, and as a student, wore red and black and yelled like a crazy person on game day. As a responsible adult, I haven't been to a Georgia game that I wasn't covering in two decades, and I haven't done the

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