Twitter having a field day railing on Andy Reid's clock-management fail

BY James Parziale • January 16, 2016

Man, you'd think by now Andy Reid would have learned his lesson.

Back when the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl XXXIX, Reid came under fire for his lack of urgency down two scores down the stretch.

Almost 11 years later, history has repeated itself in the Patriots' 27-20 win over Reid's Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday.

With the Chiefs trailing 27-13 and under two minutes remaining, Kansas City was taking its sweet time doing pretty much everything. The Chiefs even huddled at one point and, after getting a first-and-goal with 2:30 left, didn't actually reach the end zone until there was 1:18 on the clock.

More on that sequence here

The difference between 2005 and now, though, is Twitter. And people began to torch Reid in the waning minutes of the game and after it ended. Here's a sampling:

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