Tuesday's five for fighting

June 2, 2015

Some links for you while I'm warming up my tender tonsils for a new JABO podcast with longtime professional baseball pitcher C. J. Nitkowski...

– So Mariano Rivera's son is also Mariano Rivera and throws 95 and is going to get drafted next week and has a pretty good chance of pitching in the majors and looks just like his dad and wouldn't that be something to see?

– Speaking of the draft, Bob Nightengale's got updates on two pitchers the Astros drafted last year but wouldn't or couldn't get signed. Turns out one of them's going to get a lot less money than he turned down, but the other's going to get a lot more. Even Steven.

– Hey, you just gotta love a pitcher who weighs more than 300 pounds. Hey, maybe well more than 300. I couldn't help wondering, though ... Why wouldn't you just bunt on this guy all the live-long day?


– Looking for an ultra-quick précis of professional baseball in the 19th century. George Wright was there, and in 1919 he gave a short speech on the subject.

– And finally, for you real nostalgists out there, we've got a 1974 Dean Martin Roast of ... Hammering Henry Aaron. Oh, the '70s show-biz goodness!