Top 10 reasons to play Fast Draft

BY foxsports • November 7, 2009

Each week we'll take a look at 10 reasons why your fantasy team sucks, why you were too drunk at your fantasy draft, etc. Why? How about I write "10 reasons why you ask too many questions?"

It's Week 9 and we'll take a look at the FOX Fantasy Quick Challenge Fast Draft game and give you some reasons to play. But you're a fantasy freak anyway, so we likely don't have to twist your arm. What's one more game to concentrate on?

Seriously, it literally takes just a few minutes to complete a draft. Then, you'll have one more thing to pay attention to on Sunday instead of doing some menial chore that the wife has been bugging you about since August. Or hey, invite her to play too. If she doesn't get your fantasy obsession, it's a great game to introduce a beginner so they can get hooked too. Unless you don't want to share the computer and a seat on the couch with her while she cheers for Atlanta Falcons RB Michael Turner to make a touchdown.

So here are 10 reasons why you should play the FOX Fantasy Quick Challenge Fast Draft.

1. Your big-money fantasy team is 2-6

Hey, it's like a fresh start. Your season was over, but now you get a clean slate to make the same misakes all over again. Or not. Play the matchups and do a little studying this time!

2. You finally get to own Adrian Peterson

It feels good to own a stud like the Vikings RB, but you never had a shot at him because you were drafting 10th in your seasonal league. Some weeks, A.P. might not even be the top pick in weekly leagues. But if you miss out this week, there's always next week ... and the week after that.

3. You're a Boston Red Sox fan

Since baseball season has been over for you for a while now and you missed the boat on drafting in August because you were too busy watching Fitzy videos and hating the Yankees, here is your chance to get involved. Draft Tom Brady. Yep, he's still playing, as he hasn't faced Bernard Pollard as of yet.

4. You're from Tampa Bay

Sorry Bucs fans, but you're the only winless team left in the NFL and you're on your third QB of the season with rookie Josh Freeman. There is no real reason to watch sports anymore, as the Rays are long gone from baseball and the Lightning stink too. So why not draft a new fantasy team each week and give yourself a reason to get out of bed again.

5. You're from Cleveland

Hey, the keys to fantasy success for you starting in Week 10 will be to draft all Baltimore Ravens. Then in Week 11, the Detroit Lions. Well, scrap that idea. But drafting key players each week from the opposition facing the Browns or players against crappy teams like the Bucs, Raiders, Rams, etc. should be golden in this game. Be a fantasy general manager. Try and get George Kokinis to join your group, since he has plenty of time on his hands now.

6. Time to try your bro-in-law's dopey strategies

Try and get both Steve Smiths on your roster every week or corner the market on Adrian Petersons. Or nab both RBs named Bush just for fun. Draft QB JaMarcus Russell one week to see if you can actually win with him, something the Raiders will never do. Whatever floats your boat.

7. Defense is stupid

You don't like DSTs, so this game is perfect for you. You don't have to pick one — ever.

8. Add-drops are stupid

It's a one-shot deal every Sunday, and you don't have to worry about adding or dropping. And if a guy gets hurt this week, POW — you get a new team next week.

9. Basketball is stupid

Really, the only other thing going on right now is fantasy basketball — or worse, fantasy hockey — and you hate it. Instead of playing that with someone else, stick with FOX and play more football. And once the free games are over, you should be able to win some bread for the holidays .

10. Fantasy playoffs

If you have no shot at the fantasy playoffs, or even if you make it and win the whole thing, there will be a new draft for you every Sunday, and even in Week 17, through the remainder of the season. You'll never be so happy to draft Colts backup QB Jim Sorgi!

Daniel E. Dobish is senior fantasy writer for .