This Jerry Jones-Chris Christie high-five may make you cringe

BY Brett Smiley • December 15, 2014

New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are buddies. On Sunday night, Christie joined Jones in a luxury suite at Lincoln Financial Field for the Cowboys-Eagles tilt, and that's where things got a bit awkward.  

If you're still not past the uneasiness of watching a New Jersey governor wholeheartedly support the Dallas Cowboys, just know that Christie has maintained that he's a "lifelong fan" for a while now. Doesn't make it right, but at least he doesn't hide it.

Anyhow, here's the high-five in question after a Brent Celek fumble gave the Cowboys the ball in Eagles territory in the fourth quarter of a 38-27 victory.  

The exchange looks kind of like alligators fighting in close quarters. High-fives should not end with hand clasps. I'm not even going to get into the matter of Christie's subsequent high-five and raise towards the sky.  

[H/T @JoeGiglioSports]

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