T.O. still hoping to get back in NFL

BY foxsports • September 18, 2013

Dallas' most-famous bowler wants another shot at the NFL.

Just because Terrell Owens is busy running his Dallas-based professional bowling team doesn't mean he's not keeping an eye on football.

After seeing the New England Patriots struggle on offense through two games, Owens, who claims he has kept himself in great shape, is ready to step in and come to Tom Brady's rescue.

"Obviously the situation with the Patriots, they are starting out with a lot of new guys," Owens told the Boston Globe. "You never know how management is thinking, what their process is as far as bringing in veterans.

"I understand they may look at my age as an issue, but I'm not your average 39-year-old."

The Patriots lost Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez in the offseason.  They are facing injuries to Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and Zach Sudfeld, leaving them with a group of young, inexperience receivers.

Could T.O. be the answer?

Probably not, but that won't keep Owens, who has not played in the NFL since the 2012 preseason, from talking to anybody that will listen.

"I think if you watch me work out, I'm not really concerned about injuries or anything like that," Owens said. "Plus, I'll be getting paid the vet minimum, so it's not like I am asking for any extra incentive in my contract."

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