Suh still looking for love

Suh still looking for love

Published Jul. 12, 2012 11:14 p.m. ET

Detroit Lions star bachelor Ndamukong Suh made his choice, but it apparently didn’t go down as a love connection.

Suh’s much-anticipated appearance on FOX’S celebrity dating show, “The Choice,” aired Thursday night on the network.

Suh, a burly 6-foot-4, 307-pound defensive tackle, ended up selecting a part Brazilian, part Columbian woman, Diana, who is in the Air Force and has played on a lingerie football team.

“If you want to run some plays together, we could do it,” she told Suh.

Diana actually seemed to win Suh over with her answer in the final elimination round. It came down to her and a blonde named Christie.

Christie also had drawn Suh’s attention when she claimed to be a “self-taught chef” and told him, “Can’t wait to cook for you.”

Before Suh made his final decision on which one to take on the date, both women were informed that he had donated $2.6 million to his college, Nebraska, and were asked to describe the “most generous thing you’ve ever done for someone.”

Christie said she had recently rescued a cat.

Diana answered, “Well, Suh, I don’t want to make this a sentimental thing but my dad has Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve given nearly $1,000 to the Multiple Sclerosis research association. I feel that’s really important to me. My $10 every month will probably make someone one day walk normal.”

In making his choice, Suh said, “Cat or a family woman. Very, very tough, but I love my family and I love my baby sister, so I’ve got to go with Diana.”

Suh, 25, then won over the audience, which chanted his last name, when he and Diana walked back to the big, comfortable chairs where the men sit during the show.

“Like a true gentleman, you gotta let her sit,” Suh said.

He did just let while Dean Cain, who played Superman in the TV show, came off looking like anything but a gentleman. Cain was sitting in his chair, while the woman he had chosen stood next to him.

In the end, Suh and Diana went on their date. He took her to play miniature golf.

One photo showed him standing right behind her, helping her putt, but another photo made it appear that she was a little bored.

Apparently there was no everlasting romance between them.

“The two got along,” an announcer said, “but they won’t be flying across the country to see each other any time soon.”

Oh well. At least he didn’t stomp on her.

And to the delight of single females who are Lions fans, Suh remains an eligible bachelor.