Some Texans fan burned a $200 Schaub jersey after latest meltdown

BY foxsports • September 30, 2013

By Sam Gardner, There are a few things I find baffling about the video above (which is replete with NSFW language), in which a group of Houston Texans fans burn a Matt Schaub jersey after the team’s loss against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. 1) Why on Earth did that man think it was worth $200 to light the jersey on fire in the first place? That’s some serious change for a few minutes of YouTube infamy. I assume he woke up Monday morning hungover wondering what happened to all those $20s he had stuffed in his pocket the night before. 2) Could it have been more poorly executed early on? Jerseys, it seems, are difficult to set aflame, and apparently this guy was not aware before he took his lighter to it. The only thing that could have made this video better would have been no one in the area having lighter fluid handy. Had that been the case, you’d have probably found a Matt Schaub jersey with “slight wear” on eBay by the end of the week. 3) Is Schaub’s jersey really burn-worthy? If you burned a LeBron jersey after he left Cleveland, I get it. Liverpool fans want to burn a Fernando Torres kit when he leaves for Chelsea? Fine. Lakers fans burning a Dwight Howard jersey — OK, that’s actually kind of stupid. But burning a Schaub jersey is even worse. I bet these same fans burned their Lance Berkman jerseys when he got traded to the Yankees. 4) Texans fans, you know who your next best option is at quarterback right now? T.J. Yates. Let that sink in. Remember what happened last time he started for your team? He went 2-3 and threw as many interceptions as he did touchdowns. Even at his worst — and, yeah, three pick-sixes in three games sucks — Schaub is better than Yates back there. So instead of being an idiot and burning a $200 jersey for your friends, Texans fans, how about you just ride it out, remember that you’re still only a game out of first in your division and deal with the fact that your quarterback, like every quarterback, sometimes makes mistakes.