Should the NBA adopt the NFL challenge system?

BY foxsports • February 1, 2011


Thanks for a really good question. There is a direct correlation between the point guard that has the fewest turnovers in a single season and Phil Jackson's triangle offense. The league has been tracking this since the 1977-78 season and Derek Fisher is not only on top of the list for the fewest, but he's also got the 2nd, 5th and 7th spots. after Fisher with the 3rd best season in committing the fewest mistakes, B.J. Armstrong during the 92-93 season (also ninth on the list in 1994-95), running the triangle for Jackson in Chicago. Both Fisher and Armstrong played similar minutes, a little over 2,400 for the season, and each played in all 82 games. The point in the triangle definitely handles it a great deal, although not as much as in other systems. Those that go with a high percentage of pick and roll, or motion offenses put more of a ball handling responsibility on the lead guard. Since we are on the subject, the best assist to turnover ratio since the 77-78 season belongs to Mugsy Bogues at a little over 5 to 1 a game. He did it for the Charlotte Hornets in the 94-95 season and he was a treat to watch at about 5-feet-5 inches. So the triangle and fewest turnovers by a point guard go hand in hand. Check out the chart below for more information: (courtesy of STATS LLC.)

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