Rice kicker Boswell executes tricky onside kick

BY foxsports • September 23, 2013

Down by five with a little over two minutes remaining on the clock at Reliant Stadium meant the Rice Owls were in grasping distance of pulling off a big comeback over their crosstown rivals in the Houston Cougars.

All they needed was a successful onside kick to have a chance to score a touchdown for the win.

And did they ever pull it off.

Well, the kick anyways.

At first, Owls kicker Chris Boswell looks to have just placed the football in the perfect spot for the Rice recovery, but after taking a look of just the kicker in slow motion, it was his fancy footwork that threw off the Cougars' special teams unit.

Unfortunately for the Owls, Houston held off the Rice offense on the drive following the tricky onside kick and went on to win the Bayou Bucket 31-26.

But at least Boswell can add this kick to his resume.

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