RG3 modifies shoe for first start in since Week 2

BY foxsports • November 2, 2014

Former Baylor star Robert Griffin III says he won't play hesitantly today as he takes the helm of the Washington Redskins for the first time since dislocating his left ankle in Week 2, but he will take some extra precautions to protect his ankle from further injury.

Griffin is wearing a specially modified shoe to make sure his foot doesn't bend too far during the clash with the Minnesota Vikings on the road.

"What we did was, we stiffened the liner along the inside of the foot so it won't be as flexible," Griffin explained to Fox Sports. "What happened when I got injured is that my shoe came up -- €”basically my whole foot was out of the shoe. So having that strength in the liner will help keep my foot in place and the shoe won't be as liable to bend the same way that my ankle was. So it's all focused on keeping my ankle from doing the same motion that it did when it dislocated."

Trainers will also tape Griffin's ankle in such a way as to lock it in place vertically and keep it from moving side-to-side.

No one can help Griffin much though with what will no doubt be an emotional return to action after having another freak injury sideline him and his plans for the Redskins.

"I'll be nervous, and I'll be hyped up," Griffin said. "But I'm trying to keep it on center for now. I think my teammates know that I'll be excited to get back out there with them. But I also have to be that calming force, that voice of wisdom out there for them. So I can't be too amped up, but I'll be excited."

Sunday will be a fresh start for Griffin, a chance to make up for lost time. It's an opportunity he doesn't take for granted after being relegated to sitting and watching Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy fill his shoes for the past 7 weeks.

"It makes you appreciate it that much more," Griffin said. "I've been hurt before so I understand that when something is taken away from you, you appreciate it more. No matter how many times you break up with that girl or she's taken away from you by something else, each time you get back together it's like it's brand new. Football is my girlfriend, and I'm ready to get back with her."

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