Report: Judge, Baylor alumnus taunts Manziel

Report: Judge, Baylor alumnus taunts Manziel

Published Jan. 18, 2013 2:21 p.m. ET

Johnny Manziel got a speeding ticket in Ennis, Texas recently.

This in itself is not a news story. But when a judge in Ennis goes on Facebook and taunts the Texas A&M quarterback, going so far as to reveal he (a judge) has already decided Manziel was guilty . . . AND initially makes the mistake of forgetting to add "allegedly" . . . AND it turns out the judge in question happens to have graduated from Baylor? Well, then you have a news story.

As reported Thursday, Ennis judge Lee Johnson posted the following on Facebook: "Too funny. So it seems a certain unnamed (very) recent Heisman Trophy winner from a certain unnamed 'college' down south of here got a gift from the Ennis P.D. while he was speeding on the 287 bypass yesterday. It appears that even though the OU defense couldn't stop him, the City of Ennis P.D. is a different story altogether. Time to grow up/slow down young 'un. You got your whole life/career ahead of you. Gig Em indeed."

He then added a new comment:

"I mean to say 'allegedly speeding,' my bad."

Now, Johnson doesn't use Manziel's name in any of that, but identified him in practically every other way known to a normal person. Given that in America we are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and Johnson is a judge in the town where Manziel was cited for speeding, this appears to be a significant breach of judicial objectivity.