Reds fans win Twitter hashtag war vs. Detroit

Reds fans win Twitter hashtag war vs. Detroit

Published Jun. 11, 2012 1:57 p.m. ET

Fans of the Cincinnati Reds stepped up and dominated social media over the weekend, and the Detroit Tigers organization has to pay their part of a friendly wager.
After Cincinnati fans outnumbered Tigers fans by a 3-1 margin, the official Twitter page of the Detroit franchise has changed their avatar to a picture of Reds' mascot, among other spoils.
On Monday morning, the Reds announced the happy news via Twitter, including the final score that Redleg fans had racked up against one of those teams up north;

Major League Baseball has been using Twitter to promote a push to get fans to vote for their favorite players in the All-Star Game (July 10th at 7:30PM on FOX), which has included heavy use of hashtags. MLB approved a challenge between the Reds and Tigers designed to boost that promotion.
During the weekend series between Detroit and Cincinnati, fans were urged to Tweet #VoteReds or #VoteTigers. At the end of Sunday night's game, the Tweets would be counted, and the losing team would have to support the winning team in All-Star voting on Monday.
The Reds began their mission on Friday at Noon and reached out to their fans for support, who gladly picked up the cause.

Guys, even if you don't have anything to say at this point, tweet. Tweet as if your life depended on it. #VoteReds #Reds

FOX Sports Ohio was proud to take part in the effort from the start, with a constant reminder of the benefits to Tweeting for the Reds.

Tweet #VoteReds right now and Scarlett Johannsen will think you're cute.

The end result? On Monday morning, the Tigers' Twitter feed began their support of the Reds.


The Tigers took 2 of 3 from the @Reds this weekend, but lost the hashtag battle. Visit and #VoteTigers AND #VoteReds!

On the field, the Tigers took two of three games from their hosts after winning Sunday night's game 7-6.