Rams' Jared Goff calls 'Halle Berry' audible, actress responds

BY Fernando Stepensky • November 12, 2018

When Sean McVay relayed an audible named "Halle Berry" to Jared Goff on Sunday and Goff called it out to his teammates, certainly nobody was expecting the Halle Berry to notice, let alone for her to respond to the call. But then... she did.


It was quite a pleasant surprise for them, however, that Berry did responded. When Goff was told about her tweet after the game he said, "Wait, hold on, are you serious? She heard it!"

Apparently Goff had a feeling the television cameras would catch the audible too, "The thing is, when [McVay] called it, I was like, 'It's so quiet right now, this is going to get on TV.'"


Even Shannon Sharpe, LaDanian Tomlinson and Deion Sanders chimed in on the unique audible with a hilarious discussion that led to PrimeTime sharing his favorite audible to call.

The next opportunity for Goff to use this play will be in the Rams' powerhouse match up on Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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