Press coverage: Shahid Khan, Jags owner, opens up on dreadful rookie season

March 20, 2013

We love the NFL here at Laces Out, but even we can’t get everything. Why don’t you sit back, kick your feet up and take a peek at what the World Wide Web has to offer on this day. Links of the day Shahid Khad opens up about the lessons he learned in his first year owning the Jaguars. Mainly that with great mustache comes great responsibility. [Forbes] Warren Sapp's Florida mansion has a pretty sick waterslide. It's such a shock that he was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2012. [USAT] The Bears could run some read-option in 2013. Jay Cutler probably can't wait to see how his swiss cheese offensive line handles this. [NFLN] Looks like Rex Ryan will start handling defensive play-calling. That's lovely. In related news, the Jets' offense is still god-awful. [PFT] Broncos players Champ Bailey and Von Miller took time to visit troops in Afghanistan. No reason to add snark here. We're not jerks. [Denver Post] Well, some NFL players (mainly running backs) are ticked off about the new safety rule and are voicing their comments. Here's a preview: Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!! [NFLN] Pete Carroll says Tim Leiweke's departure from AEG is a setback for NFL in Los Angeles. People in the City of Angels still don't seem to care. [LA Times] Hey, remember when the Broncos signed Peyton Manning? That was awesome ... let's reminisce. [Broncos] Tweets of the day

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Arian Foster might be off Twitter, but he posted this picture with teammate Chris Ogbonnaya on his Instagram account @arianfoster. Video of the day

Who doesn't love some Julio Jones highlights? Well, unless your team is in the NFC South. Birthdays1958 - Rickey Jackson, NFL defensive end (49ers)1970 - Ralph Dawkins, NFL running back (Saints)1970 - Ron George, NFL linebacker (Falcons)1970 - Todd Burger, NFL guard (Bears)On this day2012: Superstar quarterback Peyton Manning agrees to a free-agent contract with the Denver Broncos.