Owens responds to Jerry Jones' comments

Owens responds to Jerry Jones' comments

Published Jul. 12, 2012 4:50 p.m. ET

Terrell Owens continues to wait for an opportunity to return to the NFL and recently did an interview where he again stated that he still has something to offer a team.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones encouraged Owens, 38, to reach out to him for advice last month.

Jones added: "He's still got the ability to be quite a threat as a receiver. I would advise him if that he still has got the heart — and he does — to continue to try to get on with an NFL team."

During the interview, Owens responded to Jones' comments.

"Jerry's a great guy," Owens said. "Obviously, he gave me an opportunity in 2006 and I had a great three years there with the Cowboys. That's the type of guy Jerry is. It goes beyond just the football relationship. I think he's done that not only with myself, he's done that with a number of his players. You think about the Troys, the Emmitts the Michaels, Charles Haley.

"These relationships continue to go on even when football stops. So I think that's what's most notable and admirable about Jerry."

As far as where Owens would fit on a depth chart, he says he doesn't care if he is labeled the No. 4 wide receiver on a team.

"My numbers speak for themselves," Owens added. "It's not a matter of performance, I think everyone saw that my last year in Cincinnati. Once I get on the field I play football. Everything else is out the window."

In 2010, Owens caught 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns with the Bengals.

Perhaps Owens is hoping for a return to Dallas. The Cowboys have a wide-open competition at the No. 3 receiver spot but it's unlikely that they'd be willing to take on an outspoken and highly-publicized player like Owens, who said in April that Tony Romo played a part in his departure from the Cowboys in 2009.

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