Outkick's Gambling Picks

Outkick's Gambling Picks

Published Dec. 1, 2015 5:11 p.m. ET

As we come into the final week before the bowl games Outkick posted another winning weekend, going 8-6, running our season record to 94-67, or 58.3% on the year. 

At this point we've bet on so many games it's hard to move the percentages very much, especially with only a few games on the docket this weekend. 

But do we turn tail from the chance to have a perfect weekend?

Of course not. 


We're going 6-0. 

So here we go:

Bowling Green -11 vs. Northern Illinois

All Bowling Green does is cover. I got this line at -9 and it immediately rushed up past ten. Take the Falcons and ride them to a MAC championship. 

Western Kentucky vs. Southern Miss, the over of 72

Western Kentucky's points scored in the nine games they played against non big five opponents: 41, 56, 49, 58, 55, 55, 35, 63, 49

Southern Miss's point total during their six game winning streak: 32, 44, 34, 65, 56, 58

Western Kentucky is averaging 51.2 in games against non big five opponents and Southern Miss is averaging 48.2 in its past six games. I'm not great at math, but that's nearly 100 points.

And the over under is 72? GIVE ME THE OVER. 

Stanford vs. USC, the over 60

Every game since week one the Cardinal have scored over 30 points. USC has averaged 33.3 points a game since Clay Helton took over. Again, math tells me that's 63.3 points.  

But if only we had a prior game between these two teams that might give us some sense of...oh, right, they played in September and scored 72 points. 

Take the over and enjoy the offensive fireworks. 

Alabama -17 vs. Florida

Here's the deal, Florida isn't going to be able to score on offense with Treon Harris playing against this Alabama defense. 

They just aren't. The only way that Florida scores a touchdown is off a punt or kick return or a defensive score. That's it's. If you guaranteed me that Alabama was not going to turn the football over at all in this game I would take out a second mortage on my house and put the money all on the Tide. 

I've watched every minute of every game these two teams have played all year and I'm telling you that I am putting as much money as is humanly possibly on Alabama to cover. I'm praying that this line comes down instead of going up because I think Alabama wins something like 31-6 and I'd like to keep betting it. I'm not touching the over though because it really wouldn't surprise me if Alabama covers the over by themselves. 

Seriously, get on board the Tide train. 

I'm not telling you to go sell your blood to bet on this game, but I'm not not telling you do that either.

The Tide is a blood bank lock. 

North Carolina +6 vs. Clemson

I don't like the way Clemson has been playing down the stretch and I feel like all the pressure is on the Tigers in this game. That's why I love UNC +6 in this one.  

Plus, how often does college football end up without chaos? Something has to go bonkers on Saturday, right? I'm betting it's UNC beating Clemson outright. But all you have to do is let Carolina keep it within a touchdown.  

Michigan State vs. Iowa, the under 52.5

Iowa can't win this game if it's played in the thirties in regulation. They just can't. Michigan State has proven that they can win any type of game, a shootout or a bare knuckle brawl against Ohio State where they don't even bother throwing the football. 

I'm guessing this is another bare knuckle brawl and both teams struggle to create scoring opportunities.

These two teams are pretty even, so let's gamble that they both shut each other down.  


There you have it boys and girls, only six picks this week, but when you go 6-0 six picks is all you need.

Play a parlay ticket and when you win, Merry Christmas from your favorite gay Muslim.