O'Bannon ready to keep fighting after beating NCAA

O'Bannon ready to keep fighting after beating NCAA

Published Aug. 9, 2014 6:33 p.m. ET

LAS VEGAS (AP) Ed O'Bannon knows it's not over, far from it. He's ready for the appeals, and welcomes a challenge to the ruling that could change big-time college sports forever.

After five years of battling the NCAA, O'Bannon isn't about to back away from the fight. Not when he is such a believer in the cause.

O'Bannon said Saturday that was prepared to ''go to the Supreme Court.''

The former UCLA basketball star and face of the lawsuit that has shaken the NCAA to its core could have been out celebrating, a day after a federal judge issued an injunction paving the way for future college football and basketball players to receive payments for service to their schools.


Instead, he was headed back to the auto dealership in a suburb of Las Vegas where he sells cars.