Not Even Groupon Can Prevent A Chargers Blackout

December 14, 2012

Those poor San Diego Chargers. Not only is their season more or less over with, but they turned to Groupon to try to avoid yet another television blackout of this weekend's home game against the Carolina Panthers. The deal was for a single end zone seat for $68, which was accompanied by a $20 voucher good at all stadium concession stands. The retail price for the seat alone is $76.25 (via Ticketmaster with the fees attached). Not a bad deal, as that $20 voucher might get you a beer and half a bag of peanuts. The deal launched on Monday when there were 13,000 unsold seats remaining for the game. As of Friday, the unsold ticket count sat at 11,000.  This means that for the 8th time in the last 16 day home games, the Chargers fans at home will not be able to watch their team. You'd think that the San Diego faithful would be sucking these up in order to tell Norv Turner where to stick it one last time, as well as see Cam Newton play before the Chargers are restructured and move to Los Angeles.  Maybe if they added "heck, call a play on offense because what does it matter" option these would go faster. At this point the ownership needs to do something to put people in the seats. By the way, you could always leave at halftime when the game is out of hand and take advantage of one of the many other San Diego-centric Groupon offers. via USA Today