New DBJ+ Before the Puck Drops: Anaheim

Published Oct. 27, 2013 3:16 p.m. ET


Bruce Boudreau was scapegoated in Washington, and he chose Anaheim as the place to exact his revenge on the NHL.

All the former head coach of the Washington Capitals did was take a team with one ridiculous superstar who regularly takes shifts off and only plays defense under duress and turn them into a perennial playoff team in every one of his four full seasons in our nation’s capital city.  But Alexander Ovechkin apparently didn’t like the star of the 24/7 Winter Classic from a couple of years ago, so Bruce and his fast-paced, free-wheeling scheme got kicked to the curb (and Ovi was forced to play defense by interim replacement Dale Hunter, who apparently loathed the experience so much that he walked away from the Capitals after salvaging the season and taking the Rangers to seven games in the Eastern Conference semifinals).