Meet the new Girls: Kaylin and Angie

Meet the new Girls: Kaylin and Angie

Published Jun. 8, 2012 4:23 p.m. ET

What's better than two FOX Sports North Girls? The answer is most certainly three, as the network announced the addition of two new fan ambassadors Thursday.

Kaylin, from St. Paul, and Angie, from Minneapolis, were chosen from more than 150 applicants in a search that started in May. More than 18,000 votes were recorded at as readers helped FOX Sports North decide to add two new Girls instead of one.

Kaylin and Angie will join Jenny, who has been with FOX Sports North since October, and Minnesota sports fans will be able to find them at all the usual places: on, on Facebook and Twitter and at FOX Sports North sporting events and community events throughout the North region.

The Girls have a busy first week planned, with appearances scheduled during the Twins' Hope Week, and during the Twins' Deckstravaganza social media night on June 15. They'll also be on the "Twins Live" set next weekend for the Brewers-Twins series and will be part of some upcoming Minnesota Wild events.

Now that you know what Kaylin and Angie will be doing, it's time to meet them in this edition of 5 Questions. Also, check out a few of each Girl's favorite things below and click on their first photo shoot together here.


1. What are you most looking forward to about being a FOX Sports North Girl?
KAYLIN: Meeting all the fans, talking to people -- the people we will represent. So exciting because I've been one of those fans for so many years!
ANGIE: Getting to go to the games, feel the energy that will be around all of the time. Meeting fans who are as excited about Minnesota teams as I am!

2. What is your favorite Minnesota sports memory?
KAYLIN: The 1991 World Series, honestly one of my youngest memories of all time. At the game with dad and grandpa, I remember their reaction to the win more than anything else. Jumping, up and down, screaming, grandpa grabbing and shaking me ... so fun!
ANGIE: The Vikings vs. Cowboys game leading up to the NFC Championship in 2009. I was at the game -- and every home game that season.

3. How will you complement our current FOX Sports North Girl, Jenny?
KAYLIN: I know basketball and the Twins very well. Jenny is a hockey girl, so it's a good mix.
ANGIE: Jenny seems to have St. Paul/hockey scenes covered. I'm a Minneapolis girl all the way.

4. What are you doing when you're not watching sports?
KAYLIN: Love to be outside, biking, running on the lakes, hanging out with my fat little pug, Riley.
ANGIE: Working out, experimenting with DIY crafts, cooking, trying out new restaurants.

5. Favorite Minnesota athlete ever?
KAYLIN: Kirby Puckett.
ANGIE: Adrian Peterson.


What's in your purse? Light up lipgloss--when you take the stick out there are lights all around it I only carry necessities Lacrosse goggles and like 10 different kinds of lip gloss
Favorite workout song Usher: "Yeah" Matt and Kim: "Good for Grey" Awolnation: "Sail"
Places you've traveled outside of Minnesota Island of Dominica, zip lined through the jungle Morocco France
Favorite Minnesota spot Alexandria, beautiful up there, a lake everywhere you look Downtown Minneapolis. Why leave? Brainerd Lakes area
When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be a ... Tropical fish catcher Figure skater Actress
Odd talents/things I'm allergic to any kind of nuts: peanuts, pistachios, etc. I can look two different direction with my eyes I speak French
Favorite junk food Skittles Frozen peanut M&Ms Pizza
Favorite concert Rascal Flatts Trampled by Turtles Lady Gaga
Heels or flats? Flats Flats Heels
Favorite color nail polish Pink Vodka & Cavier by OPI French by OPI
Favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities Mama's Pizza on Rice Street Kafe 421 Kincaid's
Sports I've played Basketball, volleyball, softball Volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, soccer Hockey and lacrosse
Favorite color Purple Don't have one Green
Favorite smell Lilacs Wet asphalt after it rains Chanel Chance
Family Older sister, younger brother. Parents have been married for 31 years. Youngest of four, older sister and two older brothers My brother