Manziel has tattoo of Aggies' biggest rival?

March 12, 2013

Johnny Manziel is a Texas A&M legend already. He's the school's second Heisman Trophy winner, the first for a freshman, and is more famous than any Texas A&M athlete has been during their collegiate playing career.

It would be easy to assume Manziel is an Aggie through and through, but while we can't know the man's heart, we can see his body, and Manziel's frame is permanently tattooed with the Texas Longhorns logo.


It's on his rib cage, right below his heart, and it's pretty much unmistakable for anything else. That's Bevo, baby. Or is it? About as soon as the photo went viral on Tuesday the suggestions it was the work of a clever UT fan with Photoshop exploded. The Aggie fan site reports it has confirmed it as fake, and Manziel himself said so on Twitter.

"FAKE tattoo," he wrote.

It is true that Manziel is a Texas fan, however. Or at least he used to be ... it's right there in his Heisman winner bio on the Texas A&M athletics website.

"Manziel ... grew up at Texas Longhorns fan (he often sported UT gear around Tyler, Texas), but Texas didn't heavily recruit him," the bio reads.