Manfred: Pace discipline not appropriate in postseason

Manfred: Pace discipline not appropriate in postseason

Published Oct. 9, 2015 1:13 p.m. ET

TORONTO -- Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred says it's "not appropriate" to enforce pace-of-play rules as strictly during the postseason.

Speaking before Toronto hosted Texas in Game 2 of their AL Division Series, Manfred said he was pleased with cooperation from players during the regular season, when the average time of a nine-inning game was cut by six minutes this year to 2:56.

"We are going to stay focused on pace of play," Manfred said, "but in terms of the disciplinary aspects of the program, warnings and things like that, it's just not appropriate in the postseason."

Major League Baseball has not said whether players were fined for violations during the regular season.


While speaking in front of the visiting team's dugout, Manfred was heckled by a fan who was upset Toronto's first two games were scheduled on weekday afternoons. Asked about those complaints, Manfred denied that the Blue Jays were given earlier times slots because they are considered a poor draw by U.S. viewing audiences.

"Somebody had to play early today." Manfred said. "We've got four games today, three hours windows, somebody has got to play in that early slot."

Asked about plans to bring baseball back to Montreal, Manfred said he remains "positive about the idea that Montreal is a viable major league market." However, the commissioner said there is "not really anything new" to report since he met with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre in New York on May 28.