Magic tweets he's friends with Thomas again

Magic tweets he's friends with Thomas again

Published Jan. 15, 2013 12:38 p.m. ET

Our long national nightmare is finally over. Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas are friends again.

How do we know? Magic sent out the following tweet, alerting the world to the joyous news: "I had a great private convo with @iamisiahthomas. Glad we can be friends again."

Johnson and Thomas had a rift in their relationship after Johnson was diagnosed with HIV in 1991. Johnson said Thomas questioned his sexual orientation, something that angered Johnson.

There has been no response from Thomas, but he did have the following to say in an interview with Sports Illustrated a couple of years ago:

“What most people don’t know is, before Magic had HIV, my brother had HIV. My brother died of HIV, AIDS, drug abuse. So I knew way more about the disease, because I was living with it in my house.”

Perhaps Johnson read this and it eventually led to a reconciliation. Then again, maybe we'll never know.

-Houston Mitchell