Mack Brown on targeting rule ejection: 'We've gone too far'

BY foxsports • July 23, 2013

DALLAS -- Texas coach Mack Brown already senses a huge problem looming with the new targeting rule.

In addition to a 15-yard penalty, a player will be automatically ejected for targeting a defenseless player beginning this season.

Brown believes the NCAA's approval of this new rule last spring needs further review.

"I disagree with the huge jump that we took," he said at Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday.

While Brown continues to be a huge advocate for safety in college football, he feels the penalty will affect the outcome of games if incorrectly called.  

"To be able to eject a young man with no appeal and cost him playing time the next week on a possible error by an official is something that I think we've pushed way too far," Brown said. "I'm afraid that we've moved too fast here and that you could really hurt a team or you could hurt a young man by taking him out of the game and then sit there on Sunday and say 'We missed it.'

"I understand why. I'm not trying to belittle safety, but I do think we've gone too far."

Rival Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops was also asked about the new rule on Tuesday, but he isn't arguing the decision.

"Just like the NFL has moved, anything we could do to try and make the game more controlled or better for the players is a positive thing," he said.  "So we can all live with it if it's going to make it healthier and better for the players, and which they are, we should always be looking at ways to do that."