Kingsbury answers preschoolers' question about Band-Aids

BY Shawn Ramsey • January 26, 2014

For Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, no question goes unanswered, even one coming from the Red Raiders' youngest fans.

Kingsbury received a written question from a Texas preschool class asking if his players get Band-Aids after they fall down and even took the time to write back to the children.

The preschoolers' message reads:

"Do players fall down and get Band-Aids?"

Kingsbury's response:

"Thanks for writing me and that is a great question! When our players fall down and get cuts or scratches, they do usually get Band-Aids!

Guns up!

Coach Kingsbuy."

The next question is; are they normal colored or Hello Kitty-style Band-Aids?

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