Kevin Durant: 'I love Mack Brown'

BY foxsports • September 24, 2013

Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant was all over ESPN Tuesday and he answered all sorts of questions, including who should be the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins and who the greatest NBA player of all time is.

Durant was on SportsCenter Tuesday morning and then on Sports Nation on ESPN2 in the afternoon where he talked about all sorts of things.

"I love Mack Brown,'" said Durant when asked about the rumor of Nick Saban taking over the Texas football team next season. "I love everything about Texas football. I'm going to support Texas sports to the end. I'm sure Nick Saban enjoys where he is in Alabama. I'm going to be a Texas fan no matter who is there."

Sticking with the football theme, Durant, who is from Washington D.C., expressed his faith in Robert Griffin III.

"I'm rolling with our starting quarterback," Durant said. "He's one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league. We're just struggling a little bit as a team. It's not all on him."

A season ago, all the talk was about the Lakers with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. Now the talk is about Howard and the Houston Rockets. Durant wasn't concerned.

"I don't really care about anybody else," he said. "I'm concerned about who we play that day. That's all I look at. I'm just trying to get better with my team. If I focus on anybody else, it's taking the focus off my team and how we can get better."

As for the greatest NBA player of all time?

"MJ, of course," Durant said. "Best player to ever touch the floor."

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