Kershaw in the All-Star Game via the Final Vote? No thanks

July 7, 2015

Clayton Kershaw should be an All-Star. This is indisputable. An All-Star at 5-6 with a 3.08 ERA, you argue?

Except you're smarter than that.

Kershaw leads all NL starters in K/9 and xFIP. He'€™s second in fWAR and FIP. Sure, he's the second-best starting pitcher on his team through 17 starts, behind Zack Greinke. But that doesn't exclude him from being an All-Star.

He's got one last shot to get into the game, he's on the final ballot of five NL players that fans can vote in.

I'll pass.

Clayton Kershaw is pitching royalty. Four consecutive ERA titles, two 21-win seasons, two strikeout titles, three Cy Youngs, and an MVP to boot. All by age 26. He is one of the most humble superstars in the major leagues. When you read Molly Knight's The Best Team Money Can Buy, you'll respect him even more.

And now he's part of the final-ballot fan vote. This contest lends itself to team- and self-promotion. It is the antithesis of who Clayton Kershaw is. "You want to see me in Cincinnati? Vote for me for now at www..." It's never going to happen.

Kershaw hasn't tweeted since April 7. He's so dialed-in that he doesn't have the time or desire to participate in the silly games on social media.

MLB put him in a bad spot. He shouldn't even be a finalist. He deserves better.