Justin Tuck will punch anyone who turns on Tom Coughlin

BY foxsports • September 30, 2013

By Sid Saraf, FOXSports.com The Giants might be an 0-4 mess, but don't think the players are turning on their head coach Tom Coughlin. In fact, any type of locker room treason would be met with swift justice. “If anyone turns on our coach, I would be the first one to punch him in the mouth,” defensive end Justin Tuck told the New York Daily News. “And put that in print. It better not happen, I know that.” Why is that necessary to say? Well, Victor Cruz did disagree with a Coughlin decision during Sunday's 31-7 loss to the Chiefs. The Giants faced a fourth-and-short from their own 30-yard line after Eli Manning hit Cruz with a nifty pass. The play was initially ruled a first down, but was overturned after Chiefs coach Andy Reid challenged the spot. However, Coughlin chose to kick the ball instead of going for it. “I thought we should have gone for it on that fourth down,” Cruz said, despite the Giants being on their own side of the field. “I felt it was a yard, not even a yard, half a yard, we’ve got to take a risk at some point and make something happen.” Tuck agreed on one point. “Every defensive player wanted him to go for it," Tuck said. "That is why we probably will never be coaches. That would have been a stupid move. Even if you get it, it would still be a stupid move.” Coughlin also brought up a strong point. “It was fourth and miniscule,” he said. “If it hadn’t been on the 30-yard line, I would have gone for it on fourth down. But if I had gone for it on fourth down and didn’t make it, at that point in the game, that would have been a foolish error.” Cruz's frustration is understandable. Being 0-4 isn't easy, especially considering the Giants haven't started with such a record since 1979. Yet, Victor needs to watch himself. While he's allowed to disagree with a coach's decision, he needs to be mindful of how he expresses his opinion. Telling Coughlin in a meeting is fine. Telling a group of reporters doesn't help. However, no real harm was done here. The Giants locker room is not divided. At least we know Tuck won't let it happen. Questions? Comments? Send them to lacesoutmail@gmail.com and we might respond in our weekly mailbag!

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