Jerry Jones wants his stadium to be 'more famous than the White House'

BY foxsports • July 25, 2013

By Tully Corcoran, You don't wind up known as a tycoon by being bashful around microphones, and Jerry Jones, glossy owner of the Dallas Cowboys, ranks among the great contemporary sports tycoons. So when he says he'd like for his football stadium to be more famous than the White House, we cannot be surprised at either his cartoonish ambition, nor can we forget that another famous iconoclast, John Lennon, said his rock band was more popular than Jesus. But Jerry did nonetheless say that. Oh yes, he said that. He said it during an announcement that his billion-dollar football complex, informally known as "Jerry World," would henceforth be known as AT&T Stadium on the stationery and anyplace else AT&T could help it. What's Jerry hoping to get out if it? "(For) this building to be more famous than the White House," he said. Nothing wrong with that. It might not even be unrealistic. But Jerry has always had a way of making Jerry the story, hasn't he?