Jerome Simpson: 'Ain't right' what official said after taunting penalty

Jerome Simpson: 'Ain't right' what official said after taunting penalty

Published Dec. 15, 2013 6:34 p.m. ET

MINNEAPOLIS -- Jerome Simpson was the one called for taunting the during the Minnesota Vikings'48-30 win against the Philadelphia Eagles, but Simpson took issue with something one of the officials said to him after the sequence.

Simpson was flagged for taunting away from the play on a negative run by running back Matt Asiata in the fourth quarter of Minnesota's home win. Simpson patted a Philadelphia player on the butt and then pushed over by the same player. But Simpson was called for the penalty and said a "back judge to the right" said something.

The back judge for Sunday's game was Billy Smith.

"I kind of didn't like what he said," Simpson said afterwards, later adding: "It wasn't racist, though."

Simpson wouldn't say what exactly the official said, but felt the comments were unnecessary.

"It was definitely nothing that you say, that they should say to our players," Simpson said. "What he said, I didn't like it. I was going to ask him about it after the game, but they took off into the locker room.

Three plays later, Philadelphia's Roc Carmichael was also called for taunting.

Simpson also said he won't take the issue to the league.

"I'm going to let him live," Simpson said. "I ain't going to talk to him about. I ain't going to talk to the league about it. But I really don't like, though, what he said."

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