Internet has field day with Bryce Harper's wacky pronunciation of 'meme'

BY Jimmy Traina • November 20, 2015

When you're busy winning MVP awards, you probably don't have time for Internet lingo.

That's the excuse Bryce Harper should use for his funny pronunciation of "meme."

Harper was asked the following question from the follicly-challenged Scott Van Pelt on "SportsCenter" Thursday night: "Would you rather be as bald as I am for the rest of your life or never have a season again of double-digit home runs?

Harper replied,  "I don't even wanna answer that right now because I know how many memes are gonna be out there of me with a bald head."

You can hear in the Vine below that Harper said "meh mays" for "memes."

Naturally, a meme of Harper with a bald head quickly cropped up.

And then there were plenty of other meh mays and jokes.

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