In praise of the school system of Oklahoma

BY foxsports • August 21, 2012

It's not often that you hear positive stories about the public school systems in this country.  The internet ago and Twitter often leads to massive amounts of griping and complaints, so we must find ways to praise others when they go above and beyond the normal call of duty to fix what is wrong in the world.
Enter Wilson Elementary school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
The brave souls who run Wilson Elementary have a dress code, and they carry it out to a strict degree.  It's not a parochial school where uniforms are required, but they do have rules which forbid offensive clothing.
5-year-old Cooper Barton showed up to school this week wearing a shirt that clearly violates the dress code, as well as ethical laws of nature.  He was asked to turn his shirt inside out.
In a time when children are young and impressionable, parents need help to make sure their kids don't turn out to be on the wrong side of the tracks.  We must support the school system that takes pride in their appearance and goes all-out to see to it that kids are on the right path.
I extend my own personal pat on the back to Wilson Elementary for their ongoing effort to educate the children properly, and not let them fall into the clutches of their own bad choices. For if we allow our children to be pressured into scenarios like this, what will become of them later in life?
Good for you, Wilson Elementary!
- Jeff Seemann, Ohio State 1987-1991

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