Houston Chronicle's John McClain Falls Asleep During Midday 180 Interview

Houston Chronicle's John McClain Falls Asleep During Midday 180 Interview

Published Jan. 15, 2013 12:00 a.m. ET

The Houston Chronicle's John McClain is an NFL expert for the midday show on Nashville's 104.5 the Zone. Today he was scheduled for his regular Tuesday guest appearance on the Midday 180 when things went hysterically awry.

Namely, McClain fell asleep.

The resulting seven minutes is completely and totally priceless radio.

I mean, for three guys who probably didn't expect for their guest to fall asleep during a break Paul Kuharsky, Chad Withrow, and Jonathan Hutton perform like absolute pros.


It's almost like they expected for John McClain to fall asleep during his segment.

You absolutely must listen to this audio.

Here we go with the audio.

It's a complete and total comedy pyramid.

To his credit, McClain has acknowledged falling asleep. He blames staying up late last night working on Houston Texan season-ending postscripts for the nap.

When JT, our producer on 3HL comes back on the line to announce: "I think 100% he's asleep," I completely and totally lost it.

This is amazing live radio.

And, for the record, John McClain is a great guy.

Plus, I'm sure thousands of people have fallen asleep to my radio show before. But so far all the guests have stayed awake.

So far.

(Full confession: I once did the Chris Vernon show fully nude while laying on the bed waiting to get in the shower. My wife walked into the bedroom and said, "Are you doing naked radio?" shook her head and kept on walking. I realize that me doing naked radio is probably the worst image you can possibly think of, so I apologize. Go look at the massively proliferating SEC boob accounts on Twitter.)