Help Hal McCoy, see every home Reds game

BY foxsports • January 20, 2013

I have never been very good at hitchhiking, but when it comes to covering major league baseball, I’d accept a ride on a pig hauler. And it has come to that for me. I need a driver to transport me to and from my Englewood, Ohio, home to Cincinnati Reds home games at Great American Ball Park. As many of you know, I’ve been legally blind since 2002 and I am unable to drive. (Well, I can drive, but keeping it between the lines and on the road might be a problem.) For the past five years, my good friend Larry Glass drove me to every Reds game. And what a driver he was. In five years, he was late only once, and that was because of car problems. Unfortunately, health issues prevent Larry from driving this year, and I am looking for a suitable substitute. Pay? Well, nothing, but graciously provides 55 cents a mile. The upside is that my driver gets to see all the home games free and accompany me in the press box. And it isn’t a matter of arriving at game time and leaving immediately after the game. For night games, a driver must pick me up at 1:30 in the afternoon for the hour-and-15-minute drive to the stadium. And, of course, I have to write after the game and usually don’t get home until midnight or later. I cover nearly all of the 81 home games, so you would be spending a lot of time with me. What would be ideal is for me to find a retiree with flexible time who is a big baseball fan and can tell me, “Watch out for the curb” or to tell me, “Duck, there is a foul ball coming.” A nice car helps, too. I hate so much to be dependent upon people, but so many of you have been so much help to me since I lost most of my eyesight, and I am so grateful. And I need help again for continue my career from the 42nd straight season over covering the Reds.

If seriously interested, contact FOX for details.

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