Has Foster really left Twitter for good?

March 13, 2013

Arian Foster has left Twitter and, as he put it, "the digital realm" altogether.

He made the decision at 3 a.m. on March 4. The impetus is not known. What is known is that after 5,017 tweets, Foster signed off with the following message:

"It's been fun, twitter! Time for me to leave the digital realm. Be the light you want to see on the earth. Peace.”

And just like that, Houston's brightest light was extinguished.

Foster hasn't deleted his account, so there is always hope for a return. But it has been more than a week now with no new insights about the nature of existence, and I’m starting to get concerned. Where will I turn for answers to life's mysteries?

For example, have you ever wondered if auras have color? Well, they do.

"Auras have color," Foster wrote on March 1.

Are you wondering who, exactly, Arian Foster considers himself to be? He’ll tell you in his bio:

"Mom, I'm happy. So small, but part of it all. A place where time doesn't exist and infinite is familiar."

Have you ever wondered how you could put to use an education in philosophy from the University of Tennessee? Well, Foster is that department’s most famous alumnus, and he’s using his thought training to spread light on Twitter.

Or at least he was.

Nov. 29: "The awaken feel me.”

Nov. 27: "Can't recall me wearing any article of clothing with teal in it. That is interesting to me.”

Nov. 8: “Be water, my friend.”

Oct. 30: “This is one of those days I could sit outside on a patch of grass and listen for earth.”

I am wondering, though, if this is all just a ruse. I am wondering if this is a setup, and I am wondering this because of something Foster tweeted on Jan. 29:

"I am surprised there is only one internet."

Maybe he found a new one, where he also is felt by the awaken.