Happy "Holy Buckeye" Day!

BY foxsports • August 20, 2012

Ohio State fans are a dedicated bunch.  If you pay attention to college football at all, you already knew that.  
Diehard Buckeyes have WAY too much scarlet-colored pieces of clothing.  They refuse to wear the color blue during certain weeks. 
They still watch games taped on VHS from the early 80s, and they can tell you how many yards Eddie George had on the ground against Illinois faster than they can tell you their own wedding anniversary date.
They won't even say "the M-word", opting instead to say "that team up north".
And before the season begins, they count down the days until the first fall contest on Ohio Stadium.
Yeah, my Facebook friends know how many days it is until kickoff.  I've been counting it down with photos of players wearing that number.  I started my countdown with Chris Spielman almost four weeks ago.  My Facebook friends cannot escape the countdown.
But today is a special day in the countdown.  There are 12 days left until Ohio State begins the Urban Era.  Diehard Buckeye fans know that #12 was worn by the likes of Dane Sanzenbacher, Matthew Frantz, Justin Zwick, and Tim Fox.
But it was also worn by WR Michael Jenkins.
In 2002, Jenkins delivered some of the best plays in OSU history, leading up to the National Championship win over Miami.  But the play that most fans will never forget is known simply as "Holy Buckeye".
With just over 2 minutes to play at Purdue, Ohio State trailed 6-3 and had a 3rd-and-14 at midfield. Their best running back was sidelined with an injury. One of their top WRs was not available for the game, at home with his family.
They needed a miracle, and they got one.

Ten years later, we still honor Jenkins every chance we get. But we never miss it when there's 12 days before the season begins.
Happy "Holy Buckeye" Day, fellow fans.  And to Jenkins, we say thanks!
- Jeff Seemann

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