Giants' Tuck speaks about Jones' comments

BY foxsports • October 25, 2012

IRVING – If Jerry Jones really wants to make Sunday's game against the New York Giants must-see TV, he should strap on a Cowboys helmet and shoulder pads. Justin Tuck would certainly welcome it.

In June, the Cowboys owner and general manager told season-ticket holders in Oxnard, Calif. that they should come watch the Cowboys "beat the New York Giants' asses" when the teams played Week 8 in Arlington.

During a conference call at Valley Ranch on Wednesday, Tuck didn't seem too concerned with Jones' statement because the 70-year-old isn't a player.

"I don't play Jerry," the 29-year-old Giants defensive end said. "If he wants to put a jersey on and line up, then I'll welcome that. But I don't think Jerry is going to be doing any kicking of my posterior."

Tuck talked for 10 minutes, sharing several interesting opinions on multiple topics. Here are a few highlights.

On if the Cowboys are jealous of the Giants:

"I don't know. It's hard to be jealous when everyone loves you. You're America's team. … You can take it for what it's worth, but it's somewhat true. I don't think there's sarcasm when there's a truth aspect in it."

On how the Cowboys offense has changed over the years:

"The thing I notice is Dallas plays us differently than they play any other team, it seems like. And that's a respect factor. And I think we do the same thing to them too."

On Giants quarterback Eli Manning in game-winning drives:

"It's kind of like when Michael Jordan had the ball. You knew he was going to take that last-second shot. You always felt like he was going to make it until it didn't go in. That's kind of how we feel with Eli on offense when we need a game-winning score at the end."

On his thoughts on former Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett joining the Giants:

"I appreciate y'all for letting him go. … I think he fits in well. He's a character, no question, but I think he's done a great job of doing what the team needs him to do."

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