Germany: Couple suspected in attack plan had extremist video

Published May. 2, 2015 10:33 a.m. ET

BERLIN (AP) German authorities say they found violent Islamic extremist videos on a computer belong to a couple suspected of preparing an attack on a cycling race.

Udo Buehler, a spokesman for the criminal police office in Hesse state, declined to give details of the videos found at the home of the couple in Oberursel, near Frankfurt.

The couple, who haven't been identified, were arrested Thursday. Police seized a cache of weapons, including a pipe bomb and chemicals that can be used to make explosives. Officials believe they may have planned to target a professional cycling race in the area Friday - the race was canceled.

Buehler said Saturday that investigators are still going through evidence and working to determine whether the Turkish-German man and his Turkish wife had any accomplices.