Francona: Cabrera will be 'player everyone has come to expect to see'

BY Connor Kiesel • January 27, 2014

Indians manager Terry Francona expects Asdrubal Cabrera to have something to prove in 2014, can't keep track of how much bubble gum he chews a game and likes Onion in the Hot Dog Derby.

Francona provided some insight into a number of subjects, both personal and baseball-related, as he took over the Indians' Twitter account for a Q&A with fans while at Tribe Fest Sunday.

While the manager does not have a Twitter account himself, he spoke candidly about last season, 2014 and, of course, his scooter. Here are some of the highlights:

And after a day's work where else would you expect to see Tito but hopping on his scooter, which he said is "affectionately known as The Hog."

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