Florida lottery winner must pay ex-boyfriend part of winnings

BY foxsports • February 6, 2016

Jurors say a central Florida woman who won a $1 million lottery jackpot must pay $291,000 to her former boyfriend, who had claimed he gave her the money to buy the ticket.

The Seminole County jury reached its decision Thursday after deliberating for more than three hours, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The ex-boyfriend, 62-year-old Howard Browning, had claimed that he and his former girlfriend, 62-year-old Lynn Poirier, had an agreement to evenly split any lottery winnings.

Poirier denied making any such deal.

Poirier claimed the prize in 2007. Browning sued her a few months later. The jurors ruled that the couple had a binding contract and that Poirier had broken it.

Browning's attorney, Sean Sheppard, says his client should be awarded an additional amount for interest that has grown over the years.