Fitz's bucket list is out of this world

Fitz's bucket list is out of this world

Published Jul. 11, 2012 10:22 a.m. ET

July 10, 2012

Larry Fitzgerald has gone Zen in Chile. He's visited the troops in
Kuwait and Iraq. He's photographed the Roman Colosseum. He's lent a hand
across drought-stricken Africa, and he's helped distribute hearing aids
in Malaysia and Thailand.

So what do you give a guy who's seen
every continent, except, as he pointed out in May, Antarctica, which he
joked he'll visit "hopefully in late February?"

How about a trip into space?

try to make decisions ... within my means," the Cardinals Pro Bowl
receiver told Darren Urban of this week before revealing
he'd love to blast off into the final frontier. "I want to go into
orbit. But it costs a million dollars right now, and that's out of my

This is the same Fitzgerald who signed an eight-year,
$120 million deal with the Cards last offseason that guarantees him $50
million. Not in his budget? If not him, then who?

Well, Fitzgerald has never been your typical NFL diva receiver.

doesn't crow about his accomplishments. He doesn't draw attention to
himself. He doesn't bad-mouth his coaches, owners or teammates. So it
should come as no surprise that he is also fiscally responsible.

a couple of years, when that (price) comes on down a little bit, I will
do that and try it out," said Fitzgerald from his annual summer camp in
Minnesota. "Right now, it's on my bucket list."

-- Craig Morgan