First pitch fireworks from Jerry Narron's grandson

BY foxsports • July 22, 2013

The ceremonial first pitch is a baseball tradition that can get played out quickly. What with pseudo celebrities with their names on the backs of jerseys for teams they don't support and throws that make it all of two feet, there's plenty of embarrassment to go around.
Once in a while though, you get a first pitch that makes all those putrid throws worth it. 
Jerry Narron, currently a bench coach for the Milwaukee Brewers, had his grandson throw out the first pitch for Family Day at Miller Park on Sunday and it was one for the ages.
Not content with getting to throw from the grass, about 30-feet from the plate, Narron's grandson began pushing and screaming, trying to get away from his mother's grip. The spotlight hadn't gotten to him. Not in the least. He was writhing not to head back to the bench, but to emulate the player's he's seen so often and throw a regulation first pitch from the rubber on the mound. 
The ball might not have made it very far, but that's beside the point. You can already tell this kid will be a winner.