Dye: If not Harbaugh or his ilk, then keep Rodriguez

BY foxsports • November 29, 2010

Michigan football fans are waiting: Will Rich Rodriguez get fired,
or will he return for another season?

Speculation has been endless for weeks. Some assume, or at least hope, he's
gone. Others, admittedly, aren't so sure.

All that matters is what Athletic Director Dave Brandon thinks. All the other
talk is rubbish, as Brandon would say.

And so far, he hasn't tipped his hand.

Brandon did send out this tweet Monday morning: "Receiving much advice re:
our FB program. Appreciate the passion & interest. Many thanks to
@desmond_howard for his confidence and support."

Other schools, such as Indiana and Miami, made the move this weekend, firing their
coaches. Shouldn't Brandon know what he's going to do, too? Why the wait?

Let's speculate some more:

Waiting on Harbaugh?

The logical replacement is Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, a former
Michigan quarterback. Perhaps Brandon is waiting to confirm, through back
channels, that he indeed can get Harbaugh.

With little fan support for Stanford

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