Dirk Nowitzki stars in hilarious commercial parody

Published Aug. 26, 2013 7:11 p.m. EDT

Thanks to Geico, the insurance company most commonly known for their little green animated mascot gecko, we all know that a camel's favorite day of the week is 'hump day,' also known as, Wednesday.

Well now thanks to the Dallas Mavericks' season ticket advertisement we all know what Dirk Nowitzki's favorite day is game day, assumingly Mavericks' game days to be specific.

Much like the talking camel on the Geico ads, Nowitzki travels around the Mavericks' office trying to get someone to bite at the question: "guess what day it is?"

And of course one man, unenthusiastically, does take the bait.

After last season's disappointing end, you can bet Nowitzki really is this excited for the first game day of the year.