Dirk lends hand to production staff

Dirk lends hand to production staff

Published Jan. 12, 2012 1:09 p.m. ET

When you don't have a ladder to help remove a wire hanging from a hook near the ceiling, it's always helpful to have a 7-foot NBA superstar handy nearby.

Hours before Dirk Nowitzki tore the hearts out of the Celtics faithful with a game-winning basket in Boston, cameras caught Nowitzki assisting a couple of crew members who were having some trouble removing some wires that were just out of their reach.

Most NBA'ers would walk past the situation and continue on to the locker room to prepare for the night's game, but not Nowitzki.

In the video, Nowitzki can be seen asking the two men if they need any help.  He then walks over and pulls down the cable that was so high up that neither man could reach it while jumping.


Nowitzki, and everyone who has seen this video that is now circulating virally around the internet, all get a good laugh out of the situation.